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Finding the Mondaine watch number

On the rear of your Mondaine Swiss railway watch you will see a number comprising 5 digits. Key this into the search box above and see what it brings back. Similarly, try the current range box below.

A Mondaine watch back showing the 5 digit watch code number

If that doesn’t work, try the visual identification, We have split the many available straps into their descriptive appearance. Start with stitching – does your original strap have it? If yes, is it black or white? If no – then look at the plain strap – it’s the most popular, so it is likely to be this one. If you know the name of the range – lilli, or retro, look on the “specific model page”. Once you have the correct visual ID, you will need a width size. A couple of steps to help you on that point.

Firstly, on the inner of the tail part of the strap, near the end should be a number – 12 = 12mm – that is the width of the strap. If the number is faint due to wear, as it is embossed then shining sunlight or a strong artificial light over it should raise the shadow and highlight the strap size. Alternatively, measure the gap between the stanchions or lugs where the strap attaches itself to the watch. Take care as there are generally 2mm variations.

Some Mondaine Swiss Railway watch straps offer different colour variations, and some offer different lengths – not all colours or strap lengths come in all varieties.

Mondaine Swiss Railway

Use the search box below to find your watch or strap. Use the watch code or part of it, or select a size and see the options. Please note that SBB FFS is not a watch code but the initials of the rail transport company,

CollectionWatch RefModelCase SizeLug SizeStrap Colour/MaterialStrap Ref
SeasonalsA400.30351.16SBDSimply Elegant36mm20mmSand Beige LeatherFE25120.70Q.1
SeasonalsA400.30351.16SBGSimply Elegant36mm20mmPowder Blue LeatherFE25120.40Q.1
SeasonalsA638.30350.16SBGSimply Elegant41mm20mmSand Beige LeatherFE25122.70Q.1
SeasonalsA658.30323.16SBGClassic30mm16mmBeige Canvas Leather LiningFT3116.70Q.1
SeasonalsA660.30360.16SBGClassic40mm20mmBeige Canvas Leather LiningFT3120.70Q.1
SeasonalsA658.30323.61SBGClassic30mm16mmBeige Canvas Leather LiningFT3116.70B
SeasonalsA660.30360.61SBGClassic40mm20mmBeige Canvas Leather LiningFT3120.70B
SeasonalsA660.30314.16SBHClassic36mm18mmDark Grey Felt Leather LiningFT3118.80Q.1
SeasonalsA660.30314.64SBHClassic36mm18mmDark Grey Felt Leather LiningFT3118.80B
SeasonalsA660.30360.14SBHClassic40mm20mmDark Grey Felt Leather LiningFT3120.80Q.1
SeasonalsA660.30360.16SBTClassic40mm20mmRusset Brown LeatherFE25020.70Q.1
SeasonalsA660.30360.64SBGClassic40mm20mmRusset Brown LeatherFE25020.70B
stop2goA512.30358.16SBBstop2go Gents Cal.58-0241mm20mmBlack LeatherFE25320.20Q.1
stop2goA512.30358.16SBCstop2go Gents Cal.58-0241mm20mmRed LeatherFE24220.30Q.1
stop2goA512.30358.64SPBstop2go Gents Cal.58-0241mm20mmBlack Silicone with IP Deployment ClaspFP16220.20B.1
Simply ElegantA400.30351.11SBBSimply Elegant36mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
Simply ElegantA400.30351.11SBCSimply Elegant36mm20mmRed LeatherFE16220.30Q
Simply ElegantA400.30351.14SBBSimply Elegant36mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q.4
Simply ElegantA400.30351.16SBMSimply Elegant36mm20mmStainless Steel MeshFM8920.STEM.2
Simply ElegantA638.30350.11SBBSimply Elegant41mm22mmBlack LeatherFE16822.20Q.1
Simply ElegantA638.30350.14SBBSimply Elegant41mm22mmBlack LeatherFE16822.20Q.2
Simply ElegantA638.30350.16SBMSimply Elegant41mm22mmStainless Steel MeshFM8922.STEM
evo2MSE.26110.LBQuartz Evo 26mm12mmBlack LeatherFE3112.20Q
evo2MSE.26110.LCQuartz Evo26mm12mmRed LeatherFE3112.30Q
evo2MSE.26110.SMQuartz Evo26mm12mmBrushed Stainless Steel MeshFM8912.STEM.3
evo2MSE.30110.LBQuartz Evo30mm16mmBlack LeatherFE3116.20Q
evo2MSE.30110.LBQuartz Evo30mm16mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3116.20QXL
evo2MSE.30111.LBQuartz Evo30mm16mmBlack Leather with Stitching & IP BuckleFE3116.20IPB.2
evo2MSE.30210.LCQuartz Evo with Big Date30mm16mmRed LeatherFE3116.30Q
evo2MSE.30210.LBQuartz Evo with Big Date30mm16mmBlack LeatherFE3116.20Q
evo2MSE.30210.SMQuartz Evo with Big Date30mm16mmBrushed Stainless Steel MeshFM8916.STEM.3
evo2MSE.35110.LBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q
evo2MSE.35110.LBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3118.20QXL
evo2MSE.35110.LCQuartz Evo35mm18mmRed LeatherFE3118.30Q
evo2MSE.35110.SMQuartz Evo35mm18mmBrushed Stainless Steel MeshFM8918.STEM
evo2MSE.35121.LBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack Leather with Stitching & IP BuckleFE3118.20IPB
evo2MSE.40111.LBQuartz Evo40mm20mmBlack Leather with Stitching & IP BuckleFE16220.20IPB.2
evo2MSE.40121.LBQuartz Evo40mm20mmBlack Leather with Stitching & IP BuckleFE16220.20IPB.2
evo2MSE.40210.LBQuartz Evo with Big Date40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
evo2MSE.40210.SMQuartz Evo with Big Date40mm20mmBrushed Stainless Steel MeshFM8920.STEM.2
MSE.40120.LGSeasonal40MM20MMBrown Leather Strap (Seasonal)FE312070IPB1
Mini GiantA763.30362.11SBBMini Giant35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q
Mini GiantA763.30362.11SBBMini Giant35mm18mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3118.20QXL
Mini GiantA763.30362.11SBCMini Giant35mm18mmRed LeatherFE3118.30Q
Mini GiantA763.30362.11SBMMini Giant35mm18mmStainless Steel MeshFM8918.STEM.1
Evo GiantA660.30328.11SBBGiant Size42mm22mmBlack LeatherFE16822.20Q.1
Sport LineA669.30308.16SBBNight Vision Big Date41mm22mmBlack Leather with White StitchingFE19422.20Q.1
Sport LineA669.30308.16SBMSport I NightVision41mm22mmStainless Steel Brushed BraceletFM20922.STEM.1
Sport LineA669.30308.14SBBNight Vision Big Date41mm22mmBlack Leather with White StitchingFE19422.20Q.1
Sport LineA667.30308.16SBBGents Day Date41mm22mmBlack Leather with White StitchingFE19422.20Q.1
Sport LineA667.30308.16SBMSport I Day Date41mm22mmStainless Steel Brushed BraceletFM20922.STEM.1
Sport LineA667.30308.19SBBGents Day Date41mm22mmBlack Leather with White StitchingFE19422.20Q.1
AuraA666.30324.16SBA.AAura White22mm14mmWhite LeatherFE17814.10Q.1
AuraA666.30324.14SBB.BAura Black22mm14mmBlack LeatherFE17814.20Q.1
Limited EditionA9500.30363.G.SET Stop2Go Gottardo41mm20mmBeige LeatherFE24520.70Q.2
Limited EditionA9500.30363.H.SET Stop2Go Gottardo41mm20mmBrown LeatherFE24520.80Q.1
SpecialsA658.30301.11SBPQuartz Evo26mm12mmPink Leather Lizard ImitationFC3112.33Q
SpecialsA658.30301.11SBDQuartz Evo26mm12mmBlue Leather Lizard ImitationFC3112.40Q
SpecialsA658.30301.11SBFQuartz Evo26mm12mmGreen Leather Lizard ImitationFC3112.60Q
SpecialsA658.30301.11SBGQuartz Evo26mm12mmOrange Leather Lizard ImitationFC3112.35Q
SpecialsA400.30351.11SBOSimply Elegant 36 mm36mm20mmBlack Leather with White DotsFE16220.21Q
SpecialsA400.30351.11SBASimply Elegant 36mm36mm20mmWhite Leather with Red DotsFE16220.11Q
SpecialsA638.30350.11SBGSimply Elegant 41 mm41mm20mmBrown LeatherFE16822.70Q
SpecialsA660.30328.61SBBEvo Giant42mm20mmBlack Leather with IP BuckleFE16822.20B
SpecialsA660.30328.64SBBEvo Giant42mm20mmBlack Leather with IP BuckleFE16822.20B
SpecialsA660.30328.64SBOEvo Giant42mm20mmBlack Leather with IP BuckleFE16822.20B
SpecialsA763.30362.16SBMEvo Giant35mm18mmMesh Stainless Steel BrushedFM8918.STEM
SpecialsA763.30362.21SBMMini Giant35mm18mmMesh st. IP Gold Plated FM8918.IPGEM
SpecialsA763.30362.22SBMMini Giant35mm18mmMesh st. IP Rosé Gold Plated FM8918.RGEM
SpecialsA627.30303.11GOTEvo Big Date Gottardo40mm20mmBlack Leather, Yellow/Red LiningFE3120.20Q.GOT
SpecialsA669.30305.11GOTEvo Big Date Gottardo30mm16mmBlack Leather, Yellow/Red LiningFE3116.20Q.GOT
EvoA658.30301.11SBBQuartz Evo26mm12mmBlack LeatherFE3112.20Q
EvoA658.30301.11SBBQuartz Evo26mm12mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3116.20QXL
EvoA658.30301.11SBCQuartz Evo26mm12mmRed LeatherFE3112.30Q
EvoA658.30301.11SBCQuartz Evo26mm12mmRed Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3112.30QXL
EvoA658.30301.11SBVQuartz Evo26mm12mmStainless Steel MeshFM8912.STEM.2
EvoA658.30301.14SBBQuartz Evo26mm12mmBlack LeatherFE3112.20Q.1
EvoA658.30301.11SBNQuartz Evo26mm12mmWhite LeatherFE3112.10Q
EvoA669.30305.11SBBLadies Big Date30mm16mmBlack LeatherFE3116.20Q
EvoA669.30305.11SBCLadies Big Date30mm16mmRed LeatherFE3116.30Q
EvoA669.30305.11SBMLadies Big Date30mm16mmStainless Steel MeshFM8916.STEM.2
EvoA669.30305.61SBBLadies Big Date IP30mm16mmBlack Leather with IP BuckleFE3116.20IPB.1
EvoA658.30300.11SBBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q
EvoA658.30300.11SBBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3118.20QXL
EvoA658.30300.11SBVQuartz Evo35mm18mmStainless Steel MeshFM8918.STEM.1
EvoA658.30300.14SBBQuartz Evo35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q.1
EvoA658.30300.11SBNQuartz Evo35mm18mmWhite LeatherFE3118.10Q
Evo Big DateA669.30300.11SBBBig Date35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q
Evo Big DateA669.30300.11SBBBig Date35mm18mmBlack Leather (EXTRA LONG)FE3118.20QXL
Evo Big DateA669.30300.14SBBBig Date35mm18mmBlack LeatherFE3118.20Q.1
EvoA660.30344.11SBBQuartz Evo38mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA660.30344.11SBCQuartz Evo38mm20mmRed LeatherFE16220.30Q
EvoA667.30344.11SBBQuartz Evo Day-Date38mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA468.30352.11SBBEvo Alarm40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA468.30352.14SBBEvo Alarm40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q.4
EvoA690.30304.11SBBEvo Chrono40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA690.30304.14SBBEvo Chrono40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q.4
EvoA132.30348.11SBBAutomatic Day-Date40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA627.30303.11SBBBig Date40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE16220.20Q
EvoA627.30303.11SBCBig Date40mm20mmRed LeatherFE16220.30Q
EvoA627.30303.11SBMBig Date40mm20mmStainless Steel MeshFM8920.STEM.1
EvoA627.30303.61SBBEvo 40 Big Date IP40mm20mmBlack Leather with IP BuckleFE16220.20IPB.1

If you don’t see the watch strap you require, drop us a query and we will try to identify it for you.


You should be able to use our normal site search box – if you have the code of the watch key in the middle five digits. The full code is AAN.ANNNN.NN. If this doesn’t retrieve your watch, key the same figures into the box below. Or indeed key in whichever information you have, the search box if flexible. All or part words or codes should suffice.

Watch Ref.Model/Case SizeLug SizeStrap ColourStrap Number
MH1.L1111.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 26mm14mmBlack Leather IP Gold Plated BuckleFE24314.20R.1
MH1.L1110.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 26mm14mmTan LeatherFE24314.70Q.1
MH1.L1110.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 26mm14mmStainless Steel Mesh BraceletFM8914.STEM
MH1.L2211.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 38mm18mmBlack Leather IP Gold Plated BuckleFE24318.20R.1
MH1.L2221.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 38mm18mmBlack Leather IP Gold Plated BuckleFE24318.20R.1
MH1.L2210.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 38mm18mmTan LeatherFE24318.70Q.1
MH1.L2210.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 38mm18mmStainless Steel Mesh BraceletFM8918.STEM
MH1.R1210.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 33mm16mmBlack LeatherFE24316.20Q
MH1.R1210.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 33mm16mmStainless Steel Mesh BraceletFM8916.STEM.2
MH1.R2210.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20Q
MH1.R2220.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20Q
MH1.R2210.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 40mm20mmStainless Steel Mesh BraceletFM8920.STEM.1
MH1.R3610.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 40 Mechanical20mmBrown LeatherFE24320.70Q
MH1.R2010.LGMondaine Helvetica Regular 2nd Time Zone20mmBrown LeatherFE24320.70Q
MH1.R2020.LBMondaine Helvetica Regular 2nd Time Zone20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20Q
MH1.B1220.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold 43mm20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20Q.1
MH1.B1210.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold 43mm20mmTan LeatherFE24320.70Q.1
MH1.B1221.NBMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold 43mm20mmBlack Nylon StrapFN0720.20B
MH1.B3120.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold 34mm16mmBlack LeatherFE24316.20Q.1
MH1.B3110.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold 34mm16mmTan LeatherFE24316.70Q.1
MH1.B2S80.LBMondaine Helvetica Smart B4420mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20Q.1
MH1.B2S80.LGMondaine Helvetica Smart B4420mmBrown LeatherFE24620.70Q.1
MH1.B2S20.RBMondaine Helvetica Smart B4420mmBlack LeatherFP16220.20B.1
MH1.B2S20.LBMondaine Helvetica Smart B4420mmBlack LeatherFE24620.20R.1
MH1.B2S10.LBMondaine Helvetica Smart B4420mmBlack LeatherFE24620.20Q.1
MH1.L1111.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 2614mmApricot-Sand LeatherFE25214.70IPLR
MH1.L2211.LGMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 3818mmApricot-Sand LeatherFE25218.70IPLR
MH1.L2210.LHMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 3818mmGrey LeatherFE25218.80IPLR
MH1.L1110.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 2614mmIndigo Blue LeatherFE25214.40IPD
MH1.L2210.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 3818mmIndigo Blue LeatherFE25218.40IPD
MH1.L2212.SMMondaine Helvetica Light Spiekermann Edition 38mm18mmStainless Steel MeshFM8918.STEM
MH1.L2212.LGMondaine Helvetica Light Spiekermann Edition 38mm18mmBrown LeatherFE24318.70Q.2
MH1.R2211.SMMondaine Helvetica Regular Spiekermann Edition 40mm20mmStainless Steel MeshFM8920.STEM.1
MH1.R2223.LBMondaine Helvetica Regular Spiekermann Edition 40mm20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20B.3
MH1.B1222.LBMondaine Helvetica Bold Spiekermann Edition 43mm20mmBlack LeatherFE24320.20B.4
MH1.L1140.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 2612mmNavy LeatherFE24314.40Q.1
MH1.L1141.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 2612mmNavy LeatherFE24314.40R.1
MH1.L2240.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 3816mmNavy LeatherFE24318.40Q.1
MH1.L2241.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Light 3816mmNavy LeatherFE24318.40R.1
MH1.R1240.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 3314mmNavy LeatherFE24316.40Q.1
MH1.R2240.LDMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular 4018mmNavy LeatherFE24320.40Q.1
MH1.L2280.LHMondaine Helvetica No1 Light Graphic Edition 38mm18mmGrey LeatherFE30606.80Q
MH1.L1111.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Light Holiday Edition 26mm14mmStainless Steel IP Gold Plated Mesh BraceletFM8914.IPG
MH1.L2211.SMMondaine Helvetica No1 Light Holiday Edition 38mm18mmStainless Steel IP Gold Plated Mesh BraceletFM8918.IPG
MH1.L2222.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Light NY Edition 38mm16mmBlack Leather with Blue Stitching & LiningFE24318.20B.1
MH1.R2221.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Regular NY Edition 40mm18mmBlack Leather with Green Stitching & LiningFE24320.20B.1
MH1.B1221.LBMondaine Helvetica No1 Bold NY Edition 43mm20mmBlack Leather with Red Stitching & LiningFE24320.20B.2

If you don’t see the watch strap you require, complete this form and we will try to identify it for you.

Please double check your email address as mistakes cannot be rectified once you press submit! We may not be able to email you back.

Watch info

On the rear of your strap should be a number - 12 = 12mm. Or measure the width between the lugs holding the watch to the strap.
Please describe you watch and strap incuding the diameter, face colour, strap stitching and colour and any other unique features.
Please take a photo of your watch and strap and upload it here. That should nail it!