Mondaine strap – black large stitching

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Mondaine strap with black stitching. Genuine Mondaine replacement watch strap in leather with black stitching. Comes in three sizes 20, 22 and 24mm. Mondaine is embossed on both the inner strap and the buckle. Originally fitted to model 30308

Please note – if your current strap has stitching, and follows precisely the circumference of the watch then you have a “Retro” model watch [30340 30341]. This requires a different strap to this chappie, please look for the Retro model.

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Mondaine strap with black large stitching. You have a choice of one colour – black, and a choice of sizes 20mm and 22mm, and shiny chrome or black buckle, and and XL option (not all straps are available in all variations).  This is called “large” stitching because it is emphasised and is part of the strap design.  If your stitching is less pronounced, and more discreet, then check this strap out.

This refers to the width of the gap between the two stanchions which house the strap. If you are unsure, the size is stamped on the inside of the watch strap. Please note that at the point of attachment to the watch, if your existing strap follows precisely the circumference of the watch and there is not a gap between the two, then you have a “Retro” model watch.  If yu are unsure of which strap you need, this page may be of help

The total length of the XL strap is 92mm from the securing point to the buckle pin position, plus 103mm from the securing point to the last hole; total 195mm. Please note that the XL version differs from the others in that it has a reinforcement strap along the length of the strap and the tail is tapered. The extra long version.

Fitting the strap is easy, At this page there is a video detailing how to take off the old strap and replace it with your new one.

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20mm, 22mm, 24mm


Standard, Extra long

Buckle finish

Black, Shiny Chrome