Mondaine strap – plain (no stitching)


Mondaine strap – plain (no stitching). Genuine Mondaine Swiss Railway replacement watch straps with Mondaine embossed on the inner strap and on the buckle. These are plain straps and if you like colour, there are some fashion straps which might fit your watch on this page.  These Mondaine Swiss Railway watch straps are fitted as standard to a wide range of Mondaine watches, including

12mm [30301] [26110]
16mm [30008] [30305] [30323] [30110] [30111] [30210]
18mm [30300] [30314] [35110] [35121] [30362]
20mm [30303] [30308] [30344] [30352] [30358] [40111] [40121] [40210]
22mm [30328] [30350]
which makes them the most popular straps.



Mondaine strap – plain (no stitching). Genuine leather replacement watch straps intended for Mondaine Swiss Railway watches. Mondaine logo on the reverse of the strap and on the buckle.

The width of the strap is measured between the lugs on the watch which holds the strap in place. On the reverse of the strap, on the “tail” end (as opposed to the buckle end) is, should be, a number – 12 = 12mm.  If this has been worn it might help if you shine and angled light onto the area, as it is embossed, the number can often be found.  You can measure between the lugs holding the strap to the watch, but be careful as there are only 2mm separating the sizes.  Don’t measure the strap as this often distorts in use.  The strap lengths are (approximately):
Standard – 73mm + 93mm
Extra long – 83mm + 100mm.

Some watch straps contain stitching either white stitching, or black stitching.

If you are unsure of which strap you need, this page may help you.

Fitting the replacement Mondaine swiss railway watch strap is easy, if a little fiddly.  The video on this page will give an explanation.

Additional information


Black, Red, White


12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm


Standard, Extra long

Buckle finish

Shiny, Mat brushed, Whatever