Swiss railway watch straps

Genuine replacement Mondaine Swiss Railway watch straps.

Getting the correct Swiss Railway strap is easy! Says he! We have split the many available straps into their descriptive appearance. Once you have the correct visual ID, you will probably need a width size. A couple of steps to help you on that point.

P.S. All Mondaine straps are delivered with the attaching springbars – it isn’t necessary to replace them, and having a spare might be useful, so maybe tuck the old ones, or the new ones, in a drawer.

Firstly, on the inner of the tail part of the strap, near the end should be a number – 12 = 12mm – that is the width of the strap. If the number is faint due to wear, as it is embossed then shining sunlight or a strong artificial light over it should raise the shadow and highlight the strap size. Alternatively, measure the gap between the stanchions or lugs where the strap attaches itself to the watch. Take care as there are generally 2mm variations. There is a (hopefully) helpful video on this page.

Some Mondaine Swiss Railway watch straps offer different colour variations, and some offer different lengths – again, beware because not all colours or strap lengths come in all varieties.

This page deals with the eponymous straps which will fit a range of models. You will find specific model straps here, and fashion and seasonal straps here

This page is being developed and more straps are being populated every day – go to the mondaine straps website if you don’t currently see the model you are after.

Showing 1–12 of 26 results

Showing 1–12 of 26 results