Help for straps!

On this page we aim to assist in any way we can in choosing and fitting your strap.

Choosing your watch strap is easy.  In this video we concentrate on the appearance of the strap in helping you to choose which is the correct one.  Once you have identified the correct type of strap, you will need to width at the point it joins the watch.  You can measure this, but make sure you have a good ruler as the differences in the strap width are 2mm or so.  Alternatively, on the tail part of the strap (as opposed to the buckle part), there is a number embossed into the leather of the inner lining – 12 = 12mm for example.  It is is not visible, shine a light on it at an angle and the embossing should show up.

Fitting your watch strap.  Hopefully this is self-explanatory, in this video we show you how to change the strap without the use of the springbar removal tool (which you may have noticed, we sell, just in case you prefer to use one).  It is simple, but a little fiddly, and some patience is required, so allow a little time so as not to rush it.  You may find a scotch or two helpful, maybe not, but certainly as a reward afterwards. Big tip number one! Replace one part of the strap at a time, that way, you don’t put the strap on the wrong way round….just sayin…. Learn from our mistakes!

How to use the springbar removal tool

Woven mesh straps

Fitting a Mondaine swiss railway replacement mesh strap is the same as a Mondaine leather one. There is scope to get it the wrong way round however, so this image should remind you.

The mesh strap showing which way round the strap and buckle is fitted.
adjusting the Mondaine Swiss Railway watch mesh strap