Good morning Ludlow

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We are not at @ludlowmarket today, but we are there tomorrow

woodruffshome at Ludlow Market, come and see and buy.
(Woodruffs-home – set up and ready to rock.)

(Sunday 25th).  The @LetsgoLudlow outlook is sunny and bright, just like us,

Jomanda Snuggly Bunny White
(Jomanda Snuggly Bunny White)

so come and say “hello” – I’ll be waiting for you!  Not around – now problem, just visit our web site and see me and more of my mates!  #letsgolocal #shoplocal



Ludlow Market

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We have once again been invited to @ludlowmarket and will be there tomorrow (Beast From The East 2 permitting!).

Setting up last time!

See you there!  Don’t  forget that if you cannot make it, you can shop on the website.