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Woodruffs home - about us
Woodruffs home – about us

Woodruffs home – Mondaine watch strap shop – about us.  Woodruffshome.co.uk is a continuation of a story that began long, long, ago, before the internet was invented (sorry, youngsters, there was such as time, and you didn’t invent sex!).  Once upon a time “there was a store, a real enticing store, it wandered long and free, o’err the sea, ‘cos people spoke of thee”.  To be sung to the music of Serutan Yob – Red Ingles Unnatural Seven.

But that was the beginning, in a store in Winchester,  but you don’t want a boring history lesson, “and we gotta scoot along, now, and …”

It’s the nature of things that things, shops, die, move on, change and that is what we have done. We are online only selling Mondaine, Helvetica, Victorinox and Wenger watch straps.  And watches too, if you would like a quote on a particular model then email us.  We’ve been selling Mondaine watch straps for over twenty five years now, so we have some experience in which strap will fit which watch, and hopefully we’ve got what you are looking for.